How is Healthy Kids funded?
Each year, Santa Clara Family Health Foundation raises all the funds to provide health coverage to the children currently enrolled in Healthy Kids.  In addition, Santa Clara Family Health Foundation works to raise even more funds to provide coverage to those children who are eligible for Healthy Kids, but not yet enrolled.  For every child we insure under the Healthy Kids program, we must raise $1,086 to provide comprehensive health coverage.
When the Children’s Health Initiative (CHI) and Healthy Kids began in 2001, one in six children or 17 percent in Santa Clara County were uninsured.  Nearly two-thirds of the children in Santa Clara County who lacked insurance qualified for existing government-funded programs.  However, an estimated 18,000 children in the county were not eligible for existing programs.  In response, CHI became the strategic outreach and enrollment effort to identify and assist the parents of these uninsured children in applying for appropriate health coverage through Medi-Cal and Healthy Families.  Through this aggressive outreach effort, it became clear that another coverage option was in need for those children who did not qualify for the two subsidized health coverage options.  CHI created the Healthy Kids program and began enrolling children in 2001.  CHI’s vigorous outreach and enrollment has assisted more than 203,000 children in applying for Medi-Cal, Healthy Families, or Healthy Kids.  Now, this number has been reduced to one in 18 or 5.6 percent.

If you would like to support Healthy Kids with a financial contribution of any amount, please visit the Santa Clara Family Health Foundation website at or contact Emily Hennessey at 408-874-1912.


Health Insurance for Children in Santa Clara County